Client Testimonials

What Do Our Clients Say?

It’s always good to read client testimonials, as this gives potential clients (you) an idea about what kind of service they will receive. Customer feedback is very important for two reasons. 1, It provides a foundation to build a better service. 2, It gives potential clients and insight into how well we are doing, and let’s them see that we are providing a good service. We welcome customer feedback after every therapy or treatment. It’s always nice to hear the views of our clients, as it is of paramount importance that we continually provide a professional service that our clients are happy with.


Latest Client Testimonials

“I have a longstanding back issue – don’t we all have ‘issues’?! A friend recommended Michele to me and having tried almost every other form of treatment (conventional and ‘alternative’) I decided to give it a try – with no great hope. How wrong was I …? It has made, and continues to make, a real difference to the quality of my life. I still have a back issue – but it’s controlled; the pain has become a minor dull ache; some days it isn’t there at all, like a blissful silence. Walking has become easier as well. Michele creates a calm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. But if like me, you prefer to disrupt that with chat and laughter, there’s always a full supply of that too! I in my turn, I have recommended Michele to others and am pleased to be able to do so again now.”

S Eley

“I have been a client of Michele’s for nearly 20 years now, and each new treatment/therapy that she has introduced has been thoroughly researched and mastered. I have experienced massage, reiki, hot stone massage, massage with Thai herbal bundles, and now a facial. The products that she uses have always been first rate and beneficial. The facial was a wonderful experience both in the method used and the products. My skin has never been so soft and I have never felt so pampered. Michele has always been able to adapt her treatments to my needs and not only does she have magic fingers, she is an understanding listener. It is a pleasure to keep my appointments.”

Alicja Surzyn

“I have been coming to Michele on a regular basis for more than 3 years, initially for an Indian Head massage and then for a full back massage. I find the sessions with Michele to be relaxing and restorative. She is very skilful and professional, and takes great care to check out how I am, and to make me feel comfortable and at ease. I look forward to the sessions as a time especially for me, and I come away feeling loads better!”

C Knight

“I was greeted by Michelle and she showed me in to the room. The first thing I noticed was the beautifully calming aroma of lemongrass. I prepared myself and lay on the couch as I was asked. Michele came in and asked if I was comfortable. I was and so the massage began with aromatherapy oils. It was amazing. Thoroughly relaxing and yet exhilarating. It really was worth the money, I left feeling completely refreshed. Highly recommend.”

S Swann

“Michele was recommended to me in order to help with my treatment of severe tennis elbow in both arms, which was causing back and shoulder tension. Having had various treatments on the NHS I was a little sceptical, however after the first treatment I was amazed to feel the difference as I walked away from the therapy centre. My shoulders felt as if they had just dropped down back into place for the first time in months and since that day I have been going back every fortnight for treatment thus preventing recurrence of the same problem. I have recommended other people to Michele who has also been very happy with the treatment received. Michele has always made me feel at ease and is very easy to get along with even with quite a shy person as myself.”

Jenny Wade

“The treatment was fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be coming back!”

S Dayal